First Euro-Mediterranean Agrobacterium Meeting (EMAM)

12-14 September 2016, Gif-sur-Yvette, France


The objective of this meeting is to create a scientific event that is at the forefront of fundamental research in diverse aspects of Agrobacterium biology and ecology.

The meeting will be divided into 5 sessions:

1) Agrobacterium Physiology

2) Virulence : molecular and cellular processes

3) Plant responses

4) Ecology of Agrobacterium

5) Genome biology, taxonomy and evolution

6) Gene transfer, biotechnology

The symposium will bring together about 140 participants in a rather informal atmosphere, facilitating exchanges. We also aim at proposing a highly attractive program at a moderate inscription fee to give the opportunity to researchers - in particular those at the early stage of their career – to participate to an exciting top-level scientific event. Young researchers will have the opportunity to present their work with a poster.

Scientific committee:
Rosalia Deeken               University of Wuerzburg, Germany
Denis Faure                      CNRS, France
Heribert Hirt                       King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KSA
Paul Hooykaas                 University of Leiden, Nederlands
Franz Narberhaus            University of Bochum, Germany
Xavier Nesme                   INRA, France
Eliora Ron                         University of Tel Aviv, Israel

Local committee:
Jocelyne Brancotte         CNRS, France
Yves Dessaux                  CNRS, France
Catherine Drouet            CNRS, France
Denis Faure                     CNRS, France
Ludivine Houel                Université Paris Sud, France
Céline Lentz                     CNRS, France
Peter Mergaert                 CNRS, France
Solange Moréra               CNRS, France


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